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Sulphur Burner

A sulphur evaporator, also called a sulphur burner, is one of the most powerful and preventive control methods to prevent mildew. With a sulphur burner you ensure an optimal distribution of sulphur in your greenhouse.

The principle of SO₂ generation is controlled burning of the quantity of Sulphur as required by process demand. This essentially means that there is tight control on the molten sulphur inlet to the furnace. In the clarification process chamber type Sulphur burner generally used in sugar factories for sulphitation. SO₂ gas is produced by combustion of raw sulphur in batch type sulphur burners or auto continuous sulphur burners.


FSB is a highly innovative system for economical and consistent generation of SO₂. It encompasses a high level of controls making it the most user friendly sulphur burner has ever seen in the sugar industry.

The Film Type Sulphur Burner (FSB) ensures proper Sulphitation. Through this furnace it is possible to change the burning rate of Sulphur without changing the concentration of the SO₂ gas. The Objective is to allow the exactly required quantity of molten sulphur entering the furnace which flows down through specially designed checker brick work in the form of thin film and readily burns to produce SO₂ to achieve 100% burned sulphur.


CSB-has added new life to sulphitation with a pragmatic approach to long demanding process requirements for an efficient sulphitation, casting a major impact on sugar quality and recovery. TSB specially designed patterns of fire brick assembly provide great surface area for sulphur burning Heavy duty triple insulation for a corrosion free long working life.

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