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Bio - Gas Plant

Today, everyone is talking about climate control and clean air. In this mire of expectations, we cannot ignore the need for an alternative. We here gladly state that we have an alternative in the form of the Bio-Gas plant. It is primarily methane, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulphide. Gases like methane and carbon dioxide, when combusted with oxygen, can also be an alternative fuel.

This fuel is suitable for any purpose. It can be used for cooking, vehicle fuel, CNG, industrial power, etc. We, as Radiant Tech Resource, are working for the betterment of the future of the upcoming generation. Generally, biogas depends on anaerobic digestion, where the microbes produce methane gas and then it can be converted into fertiliser.

The time has come when the need for renewable energy is greater, and this could be a great initiative in the reduction of greenhouse effects. We are in favour of development, but development alone will not be enough, so we are working to make it more feasible with sustainable development.

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