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Oxygen Scavenger Plant

The dissolved oxygen in boilers can be highly corrosive at high temperatures and pressures, thus to protect the boiler water and, boiler the oxygen scavenger is used to remove the dissolved oxygen from the boiler feedwater. The scavenger consists of a liquid solution of catalyzed sodium sulphite. This solution then reacts with oxygen to produce sodium sulphate.

Rapid Reaction

The catalyst used in the oxygen scavenger is used to accelerate the reaction that promotes the removal of the dissolved oxygen. Thereby, protecting the boiler from corrosion.

PH Control

The oxygen scavenger is the most efficacious solution to maintain the pH levels which can foster an adequate amount of catalyst for the removal of the dissolved oxygen.

Oxygen Scavanger

The oxygen scavenger being the essential unit needs to be handled with care and shall be stored in an air-tight container. It should be protected from direct heat and sunlight. Aquablend-310 can be used to promote proper storage of the component.

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