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Chemical Plant

The chemical industry has always been an important industrial sector for the Radiant Group. 


Radiant is a specialized Indian manufacturer with consolidated experience in the design, construction and installation of all major types of products for the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry.


We have been providing plant design, engineering, technology and turkey solutions to the Chemical industry for 15 years. We have our own technology specially designed and developed to increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Chemical plants. We are a global leader for executing turnkey chemical plants worldwide with exhaustive experience across difficult terrains.


Chemical processing plants use specialized equipment and technologies that must withstand the most demanding requirements and harshest operating conditions.

The extreme conditions found in chemical processing plants place extraordinary demands on equipment to withstand heat, pressure, stress, and corrosion over operating periods of up to decades.

Our highly qualified staff designs and plans according to the customer’s specifications, thus developing the best solution from both technical and economical point of view. We manage all the phases, starting from the feasibility study, to the detailed design, up to the “turnkey” delivery.


We use high quality and valuable materials and components in order to obtain the best functional qualities and a longer duration over time.

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