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Waste Water Treatment Plant

A Waste water treatment plant is an advantage form of traditional facilities such as sewage and effluent treatment plants. In WWTP, a combination of various processes such as physical, chemical and biological are used to treat industrial wastewater. We can also say that WWTP is an extension of STP with additional facilities, functions and treatment calibre.

How does it work?

  1. Screening & Pumping

  2. Grit Removal

  3. Primary Settling

  4. Aeration/Activated Sludge

  5. Secondary Settling         

  6. Filtration

  7. Disinfection

  8. Oxygen Uptake


Most petroleum refineries or petrochemical as well as chemical industries produce a large amount of wastewater and require on-site wastewater treatment plants. Other industries such as paper and pulp production also give rise to a huge amount of wastewater.

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